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What Do We Do?

We work with businesses to convert surplus assets into working capital, whilst helping buyers source equipment and assets they require.

We are industry-leading asset valuers and auctioneers, providing an end-to-end asset service to organisations in the UK and internationally. We save our clients significant costs, generate unexpected income and help them achieve their sustainability objectives.

Most businesses have surplus working assets and equipment in storage, or coming to the end of its life cycle that is no longer required and are extremely valuable and useful to other organisations. We work with both parties, selling on behalf of our partners to our wide reaching buyer database.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with two key groups - selling partners with valuable surplus assets, and buyers looking to source great quality used assets.

Our selling partners include government organisations, airports, factories, councils, colleges, universities, engineering and manufacturing plants, marine companies, restaurants and chains, stadiums and conference venues, jewellers and prestige watch dealers, leasing and hire companies, iconic venues and more.

Our buyers naturally deal in these same industries but on medium to smaller scales and are looking to purchase excellent quality used assets to develop their own businesses.

What Key Assets We Deal With?

We work with a wide range of assets, but here are some of the key assets and sectors we deal with:

  • Factory contents
  • Airport terminal contents
  • College contents
  • Restaurant chain contents
  • Hotel contents
  • Inventory or leased equipment
  • Ex hire assets
  • Engineering & manufacturing
  • Commercial catering equipment
  • Commercial vehicles & cars
  • Aviation and marine assets
  • Jewellery & prestige watches

What Makes Us Different?

We work with companies in two different ways.

Outright Purchase - If you're looking to clear unwanted assets in a hurry we can quickly value your assets, swiftly remove them to a storage facility and then transfer you your funds. This is the more traditional industry route. The main positive is that this can be done in a few days. Although you will receive great value from us you will achieve 10-20% of the assets potential market value when opting for this method. Interested in us making an outright purchase? You can contact us here!

Online Auction - Our preferred model to build long term partnerships will always be auctions. This method is taken where we have 10-21 days to maximise your financial return. We upload assets and equipment onto our forever growing online auction portals and run a 7-14 day auction. This generally achieves 80-120% of the collective assets expected market value. You can visit our online auctions here!

When Did Our Journey Begin & Why?

Founded in 2012, Nathaniel Carter & McSkelly Auctioneers Limited (NCM Auctions) set out with a very clear vision to be the number one asset auction company in the UK for public and private sector clients who needed more than a simple asset disposal service. We were determined to break the mould and offer clients something more. It was crucial for us to have something about us that other's couldn't offer or wouldn't even consider.

The first major project we embarked on was the disposal of assets from three iconic buildings in Doncaster. These were a 12 storey former council HQ, a civic theatre and an office block. An already large and complex project was further complicated with a strict 4-week turnaround deadline. These buildings contained over 6,000 individual lots and included everything from industrial generators, commercial catering equipment, engineering & woodworking machinery, staging, office fittings and more. This was the company's defining moment. We worked tirelessly to find homes for every asset, generating un-forecasted revenue and making significant cost savings. This is when we understood that it was possible to offer a greater service than simply disposing of unwanted assets.

Since then we have gone on to become market-leading industry auctioneers in creating sustainable reverse supply chains, exceeding client expectations on every project that we've run.

We have worked on hundreds of projects in the UK and globally, winning awards and honing our craft. Led by our founder and CEO, Emma McSkelly, our people are highly experienced, passionate, driven and versatile, with a wide range of auctioneering skills and expertise.

Our People

Emma McSkelly

Founder & CEO

Dave Byron

Sales Director

Paul Esson

Commercial Director

Andy Smith

Executive Director

Lynsey Clarke

Operations Manager

Emily Markham

Business Development Executive

Emma Humble

Business Development Executive

Nikki Bowes

Auction Coordinator

Nancy Pericleous

Auction Data Administrator

Adam Wrightson

Finance Assistant

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