Benefits of selling your surplus assets with us

Convert unwanted equipment, valuables and assets into cash flow

Create more storage space whilst generating unexpected cash flow

Sustainably re-use assets, supporting new businesses and communities

Clear space fast with our site clearance service, avoiding disposal costs

How Do We Welcome You as an NCM Selling Partner?

1 Introduction icon

1 Introduction

We have a friendly call or site meeting, then agree selling terms together

2 Valuation & Lotting icon

2 Valuation & Lotting

We value and catalogue your assets for sale

3 Catalogue Upload icon

3 Catalogue Upload

Assets are uploaded to our website and auction portals

4 Marketing icon

4 Marketing

Targeted marketing via sector publications, Pay Per Click/Google Ads, auction databases and Bidspotter ensure a wide reach to potential buyers

5 Online Auction icon

5 Online Auction

Our auctions are hosted across NCM Auctions, Bidspotter and i-bidder to gain maximum participation

6 Payments icon

6 Payments

Buyers make payment, we manage the equipment collection process, then we pay you!